1. AN OVERVIEW OF THE GOP Debate 09/22/2011

    I am so angry right now, the ignorance and misleading assertions against our current president is so obtuse. I can’t believe people support those candidates. My heart was crushed when Stephen Hill, an American Hero stated that because of the DADT repeal he was able to finally stop hiding who he truly is, and asked if any of the GOP candidates would do anything to change it. Rick Sanatorium was so quite to respond saying that social issues should never be apart of the policies and procedures in the military. HELLO Rick um let me take you back to when Blacks were not allowed to serve in the Military or Women, I look at those as social issues that the military had to act upon in order for both ‘groups’ of people to even be able to serve for our country. I just love how despite the ignorance of the crowd and the hateful response from the candidates , it does not stop the LGBT community in the military for having a desire to continue to keep our lives safe on a daily basis. I am completely disgusted by this. Showing pride in your sexuality is just the same as showing pride in your heritage, your religion, the country you came from, the school you graduated from. So why do we make this any different. I am just completely at a lost for words. Americans are better than this, my hope is that foreign nations did not get to see this disgrace. The responses in this GOP debate are UN-American. We are a nation of opportunity, that is why Blacks,Whites, Gays and homophobes , Atheists and Christians are able to be who they are and feel no shame. Conservatives are hiding what America truly is! They are trying to hide the true colors of our nation. I don’t understand why Americans are not upset and angry over this.

    The second most idiotic thing I could ever hear, was also said tonight in the debate. An equal fair tax, you gotta be kidding me. I thought I was watching a comedy reel, it was that ridiculous to me. Let me let you all be aware that roughly 47% of Americans make under $20,000 a year, that is what makes them exempt from having to pay taxes because unfortunately they can’t even afford to keep the colors on their backs clean. This is preposterous, and of course they fail to give us an exact number on what this Fair tax would require each of us to ‘equally’ pay. HELLO AMERICANS , salaries on jobs IN AMERICA are based on experience/ education, is anyone going to dispute that ? So why would we expect all of us to pay the same in taxes, its just completely heinous and so selfish for us to do to one another. It will truly keep the poor, poor and the wealthy, wealthy. Like who in their right mind would agree to this, by doing this we would be creating a CASTE SYSTEM in AMERICA sounds so much like communism to me. And I say this because the GOP just loves to call us Democrats communists. I don’t see how basing someone’s income on how much they pay in taxes is anything like what CHINA would do.

    The third most stupid comments were on the Federal Department of Education. Ron Paul, Rick Sanatorium, Michele Bachmann and others all agreed that the Fed. Department of Education should be demolished and the responsibility of education be dealt with on the local and state governments. I’m sorry to tell you GOP crowd but until we can properly teach children the history of our nation, the bad , ugly, and the good all in one. I do not trust any state or local government regulating what is taught to the future of our country. Southern states such as the ones where most of these candidates come from exclude things so prominent in our history, things such as the Civil Rights movement and the civil war and better yet who owned this land first, NATIVE AMERICANS. Until everyone realizes that the confederate flag is a representation of state sovereignty over federal rule and racism which is what they call ‘Southern Pride’ . Which let me tell you rednecks that love to rock your confederate flags and trashy attire. The confederate flag represents state sovereignty and the main reason southern states wanted state soverignty rights over federal rule was so they could continue the importation of slaves. The main reason behind the 9th and 10th amendment in our bill of rights evolved around this issue. KNOW YOUR HISTORY!!! READ THE FEDERALIST PAPERS IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME  And look at the number of UN-planned pregnancies in America, Abstinence only is a complete waste of federal and state spending. Everyone knows when you tell a child not to do something, they do it to see why they were not supposed to in the first place. WE ARE CREATURES OF CURIOSITY, remember how this land was even discovered. 

    Ok, I think I am done venting this intelligence that the FEDERAL DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION HAS FUNDED. I guess I can’t be so angry because looking at how idiotic the remarks  and beliefs on how this nation should be run is the exact reason why OBAMA won the 2008 election. I think I am safe to say that this debate has shown us unfortunately how stupid some of us Americans are. YEA I’m not a politician so I can say it, SOME OF US AMERICANS ARE REALLY STUPID. But I have confidence and hope that those young intellectual minds and old and wise men and women in this country are in an agreeance that these GOP debates are humorous, entertaining and nothing else.  Until the GOP party can be an inclusive group of people instead of materialistic selfish human beings, they will always be the minority.

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